Monchwinkel V0.93 GMK (Choppedstraw, Economy)

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This is a recreation of the village Mönchwinkel, Germany. Maybe you know this map from FS13. A lot changed but is still similar. But see yourself. You need to unrar the package.
Performance: This map needs relative good hardware. In combination with different mods, I assume you need a graphicsdevice with 1.5GB and at least 4GB RAM.
Sellpoints: AGRAVIS, Freightyard, Sawmill, Mill, Distillery, Grainelevator, Constructionsite Hangelsberg (takes concrete), Farmshop, Horseyard, Biogasplant, Inn, Biomassheatingplant, Gardencenter, Spinnery, Cellulosefactory

Chicken, cows, sheeps as well as beef and pigbreeding (Version 4.0) are at your farm. The chickenbreeding can be found in the southwest map. You can buy the animals at the animaltrader, to be found in Wulkow (not signed an roads, look at the ingamemap – icon)
UPK sellpoints (yellow marking = empty vehicle; blue marking = load vehicle):
Brewery (wheat + hops = alcohol; barley + hops = alcohol)
Hopsfarmr (sells hops)
Cannary (please look in the withcomming PDF for details)
Sugarbeetfactory (sugarBeet –> lime)
Plantation (nearly all fruits from Rosenthaler + grennhouses)
GDR – Milkyard (look in the videosection for details)
“quarry” (not signed on roads; 2 excavators, one for sand, the other for gravel –> the concretefactory produces concrete –> needed to finish the roadworks at the horseyard. Whean the road is finished completely you have access to the plantation.
Fishfarm (can be delivered with maize)
“Saftheini” (to be found in Spreetal; not signed on road)
Market (from Rosenthaler; not signed on road; at the inn)
Cheesefactory (milk –> cheese)
Dairy (buys your milk, “StopMilkSale – Mod” recommended; sells also milk)
Slaughterhouse (pig –> meat; beef –> meat; chicken –> meat)
EDEKA (buys all UPK-goods like fish, meat etc.)
Foragemixinghall at AGRAVIS

Required Mods:
EDEKA-Trailer (can load everything, cencrete too)
Animation map trigger


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Farming mods

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