ModPack AgroFarm Modding V1 BETA

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I promised and kept his word;)
New Holland T8.420:
improved TXT
Changes in modleu (Revised elements and poprwa wheels)
New Voices
As far as the machines have everything that can be found in the original machines, even dirty up;)
Regarding JD 7215
What you have:
Sound system open and back windshield
Opening the front hood
folding chydraulika
c Control
Dirty up (only the wheels) *
Dust from the bullets
He leaves traces
New Testury
adequate power
and many more
Author: Giants Software & AGO modding & Agritech Modding (Kashmar) New author Asertyn
Bringing about not edit module and about not taking out other forums farming (for permission to ask me personally or PW)
The ban !!!!! Changes Link (If someone does not comply with the prohibitions will be drawn consequences)
And do not remove mods and not be separately !!!
Most importantly, the machines are in BETA !!!

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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