Mod List v2.0

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Got my mod list completely revised with some new features
I have been working in recent months on a list to me searching the mods I have downloaded easier to do .. it bugged me that I have found after a long search again until or just downloaded new’ve
To the list there’s a lot to say
The list is structured according to a system to everything easy to find

Mods will name .. Just as the mod on the Internet called “Title of the Mods”
Author credit .. who built the mod
Version Version of .. ..I file try the list as up to date as possible to
Year (version of the LS 13 or LS15)
Description .. A brief description of the Mods or by reference to the website When you go in Excel to the year comes a note in which there is a description of the mods
File .. so as the mod is the name of the Zip Download
Name of the unpacked zip
GE or GE or Pla / Pla GE .. Install With the Giants Editor …. Pla .. placeable …. GR / Pla or both are possible
Website .. Here you will find the link for download and comes directly to Mod
You have the zip file unzip Extract to ..
If you look in the folder, there are the Mods saved to the mods easier to find
You can find the mods on two variants .. Search
Option 1 in the Excel spreadsheet with the search function
Variant 2 in the individual folders of images .. the images have the same name as the Mods
I’ll list them every few weeks to renew this I delete the old list and just replace the link and endorsements it with the date.
I do not have any mod controlling .. some errors are inside the can fix their own, such as texture or shader swap error or other mistake

Authors:Strubi 69 

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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