Mixing Station V3

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With the mixing station can just be prepared as a mixer feeders, feed for the cows. But in larger quantities, because you can fill them with full trailer loads.
The 3 storage silos must be filled with silage, hay u. Straw (depending 50t) then per hour produced 10t compound feed to the mixing tank is full, this summarizes 100t compound feed, which can be picked up with a trailer and fed to the cows.
The 3 silos have analog level indicators, in addition, the precise levels appears when cabinet in the help text.
The indicator lamp shows:

  • Flashing red = a silo is empty
  • Flashing yellow = mixing tank full
  • Green = all right (it is produced)

So you do not have to constantly go to the control, there is a message system in the form of a “live ticker” displaying messages on the top of the screen.
To remove Combined feed a matching pendant is needed, which can load forage.
Mod by Marhu

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Farming mods

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  1. Christian

    Cant seem to load it over into any sort of trailer or vehichle

  2. Steve

    What trailer do you use to unload the mixer. Awesome mod if I can figure out what trailer to use

  3. Steven

    How do you empty it, I have the yellow light flashing for days, & my cows are hungry!!

  4. Louis

    Seems there is a glitch in the mod. I too can not get the unit to unload it’s content into something for me to feed the cattle. I have a green light letting me know I have enough of each ingredients for the correct mix. I too have tried every type of trailer and feeder available and the Mixer will not do a thing.

    Have sent a report hope will get a reply but as of right now this mod will take your straw, hay, and silage; mix it and let you know it is read to be used. And then tell you ” ha ha, I’m not going to give it to you. 😉

    Great MOD until you are ready to get the feed. lol

  5. Louis

    I have found a trailer here that was able to be filled and then by backing up to the feeder you can unload with no problem.

    The link for the trailer is: http://www.farming-mods.net/mod/cat-trailer/

    It requires a “MAN” tractor or something similar but You can get the dolly and use a farm tractor move it around.

    Hope this will help others that come along and want to use this great mod.

    I really do love this mod, it is a real pain to mix 1 straw, 2 hay, and fill with silage when I have to make 3 or more trips to feed the cows. :-)

  6. Greg

    any trailer that will except forage will work. look in the mod decription and if forage is one of the things it will except it will fork

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