Missouri USA final (Fixed)!

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This is the Refined Missouri USA Final Map!

A lot has gone into this map and a lot has been fixed. Map was tested with over 300 mods in the mod folder for conflicts no errors in the log file. I tried my best to get alfalfa and clover to regrow automatically but something just won’t let it happen. I haven’t tried to replant and see if it works but it should.

All files that are needed are to run the map with default vehicles are in this zip file! You need up unzip this file and put each zip in your mod folder! Back Up your existing zips of these mods as these mods are different will break multilayer!

This map no longer needs extra add-ons or placeables for pig or cattle if you have that from the old map delete it it’s useless.

The map has:

  • Pigs/Cattle/Horses (All have prices and changing demands)


  • Corn < Not Default but HD V2 bale able!
  • Soybean
  • Sorghum
  • Sunflower
  • Sundagrass
  • millet
  • BlackEyePea
  • Peanuts
  • Cotton
  • Rice

Also all standard fruits.

MultiMowing is included in this cause it helps with the alfalfa and clover! If you don’t want to use it then you need to find a harvester or wind rower edit for it!

I tried my best to clean things up everything works from sell points to growth/cultivation/sowing and fertilization.

The Manure Slurry and Kalk mod latest is installed on the map also Included in this zip file.

You need to unzip the download and put each zip in the mod folder!

AEM, JB3PC4SALE, KJ983100 and slopoke for the awesome base map and layout.

Also to all molders and molders that make this a fun hobby and there work!

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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  1. Freakyfarmer333

    Hello, I was wondering if you could get a list/chart to clarify which plants are what when you go to plant. I recognize a few, but some of the logos when I scroll through when when hooked up to the planter are foreign to me. A logo with what seed it corresponds to would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, I would like to inquire as to how to harvest alfalfa. Does it work the same as grass or do I need to find a special mod for it?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Ray

    This is a great map. My hat is off to those that created it. However, it has brought to a stop for the following reasons.

    1) I cannot find a way to leave straw at beef 1. None of the doors to the building will open to enter and I cannot find a location outside of the building to dump the straw. All other animal locations accepting straw works fine.

    2) I have tried several cultivators, including the one that came with map, that has the create new fields feature (key O). With this feature turn off and the hired worker completing cultivating a field, when the hired worker is dismissed this feature will turn itself on automatically. If you do not catch this feature turning itself on, you will damage the map. The only way to recover is to abort the game without saving and reload back to the last save. I try to remember to check but I am not successful all the time.

    3) Out of all the crops there are to grow, carrots and onions should be a included.

    This is a 5 star map when all the bugs are fixed.

  3. tom

    love the map one problem after playing for awhile, saving wont reload, has done this 3 times

  4. ray000

    I have planted several crops in several fields. With the growth rate set to fast and after 3 to 6 days there is no sign of growth. There is no sign of growth on the map reference or fields.

  5. ray000

    After approximately 6 days of crop growth, the first cycle of plant growth finally appeared. How can I change the rate of crop growth back to normal? Thanks.

  6. Richard Clarke

    This is a great map, my only issue is that none of the crop types are listed on the map. I also had a problem finding multifruit combines, but several have now been released. I also downloaded a multifruit script recommended by dertebbers that should allow all the equipment to take all the crops.
    I have not had a single cfrash on my PC since starting this game, although Giants physics do not like my road trains. I run two and three trailer vehicles. After all I am in Australia and two trailers are normal, three trailers west of Dubbo in NSW and five trailers in northern Western Australia. What is also great about this map is that you do not spend half your time untangling the hired help from trees or slopes. The included water mod makes the map even better. I would have liked more room between the silos for my longer vehicles, but I now take them straight to a sell point or load them one at a time. It also helps if you run the compass mod on this map so you do not get lost. The map author did a great job with this map, if you check the large parking areas gon the map that have smooth concrete, you will find that they are to make silage on.

    1. karen gravenstein

      you have to have steam running in the background and it has to snc. or it wont save your game

  7. ray000

    After the recent changes, the PDA indicates missing files in .xml with multiple crops.

  8. Richard Clarke

    Unfortunately this morning I installed some more mods and some of these have now caused the game to crash. I will be reinstalling the game and starting again. Only this time I will keep a separate folder of the mods installed and no exe files. A pity as the game was running so well.

  9. Ray

    In the past with other maps I would use the corn cutter to chop the corn into chaff then store it in the silo’s at biogas or at the farm complex allowing it to change to silage. This map is different. The cutter will not cut the corn into chaff as it did with other maps, however the combine will harvest the corn leaving rows of maize windrow. When I gather it with the forage wagon, how do I sell it or change it into silage or feed it to the animals. The only place I have found to dump it, is in the storage silo. Biogas or the animals does not want it. Location that accepts straw will not accept Maize windrow. So what good is it to me. How do you dispose of the Maize Windrow so it benefits the farmer?

    Also PDA displays missing green and missing green windrow in en.xml.

  10. George Brown

    I can’t get the Missouri map to open in FS15 I have extracted and everything. What am I doing wrong?

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