Mig Map Region Celle V0.92 SP (Beta)

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V0.92: Same map as for SP as Zip format for MP.

Integrated Mods
Manure storage several variants
Pigs Cattle fattening
Chopped Straw prepared
Liquid manure lime Mod
Water Mod
Clover, alfalfa Scripts

Specification and Feature List
Construction period LS15 over 50 hours Conversion
Construction period LS11 + 13 500 hours, see (W.I.P)
Real replica via Google Earth
1600 hectares total ~ 700 Hecktar arable land
VRam ~ 321MB
Ram max ~ 960MB
MAP I3D 7.6 MB
MAP Shape 18.8 MB
Zip incl. Mods ~ 200MB

Function list (requires assumes all the mods from the pack in modfolder lie)

  • Sold at: mill + sawmill, general store, beet factory, butcher, BGA balls, sewage treatment plant, grain Werner
  • Dynamic Prices outlets vary between 50 and 150%
  • Outdoor – slurry manure interim storage
  • Weed Weed mod must specially be destroyed with herbicides and is still growing. You can also fertilize only still growing, a fruit is grown, is no longer possible fertilization.
  • Green manure clover and alfalfa, if you umpflügt the field or Grub Bert is fertilized the field. Has grown three times faster than normal types of fruit and the seed is very cheap.
  • Multifarmsilo, ideal for multiplayer. With them you have in Farm4 and Farm5 own levels for your fruit varieties, so each player has his own camp.
  • Time acceleration possible with Ctrl + R (12.000x)
  • Biogas Plant 2 in 1 With three vehicles and two wedge silos as well as a gas station and Bale shredders
  • Cattle fattening can be grown and sold at the butcher
  • Pigs can be grown and sold at the butcher
  • New Global odometer for all vehicles at the bottom left Hud (odometer)
  • Compass on all vehicles the upper right of the clock helps with alignment aid
  • Slurry, manure, lime Mod can also be fertilized meadows with varying income
  • Gas Station
  • Waterworks, where you can buy water

Currently built fruits: wheat barley Grass Corn beet rape potatoes clover alfalfa weed weed green swath

Bull Gore
Cretans Iceland, pill, Illuminated, TMT, LSportal.nl, Tessmann85, Flymaster, Marc85, ZeFir_POLAND, Eribus, Vertexdezign, EL Cid, Bushy, Skydancer, Marhu, Upside Down, JakobT, Decker_MMIV.

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Farming mods

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  1. Wes

    Why does this map not show up in my game it is installed in my mod folder?

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