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Michelhausen Map available. I have the map from scratch Newly built and designed according to my ideas. I started at the end of LS13 with the construction of the map and converts them independently in LS15. Since the beginning of the bau’s is about half a year has passed. In general, the construction period is less than half a year, as it was during the construction phase, where I once worked on it more or less. The MB number of 270 mb is not just a little, but this is due to the many built-in objects materialize.

Version 1.0
What has changed? The texture of the floor panels to the harbor, distributor, etc has been changed. Asphalt modified texture fermenter made texture changed hall at the BGA installed Distance Hills Collision in Waterplane away Maisberg installed ChoppedStraw built bridges wider.

On the map you can also run forestry addition to agriculture.
The village Michelhausen.
There is a large central courtyard with dairy cattle, biogas, silos, grain storage, ball bearings and machine shops.
In addition sawmill chips and several camps, there are still a biomass heating plant.
Machinery dealer with Maschinhallen for your equipment and machinery.
Biogas plant with several silos.
Port with Billinger country trade and grain storage for potatoes and sugar beets.
Werner grain trade in machinery dealer.
Garden center with bales of straw and sale.
Schafhof with silos.
Piggeries in the main courtyard (Invalid).
63 fields.
16 meadows.
4 forest land for forestry.
other Features
Layer trees (trees in the forest are precipitated)
Slurry manure-lime Mod
easy Terrain
Fruits: Wheat, barley, rape, maize, potatoes, sugar beet

Required mods
Animation map trigger
Slurry manure-lime Mod: http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=141&t=1058

Possible questions
Do I need to fertilize the existing fields?
No, the presence fields are fertilized.
What does the Watermod?
By Watermod yield of animals increases.
Do I have to pick up the milk itself?
The milk truck does not move, but the milk is still collected automatically.
The gates will not open?
Again, check whether the AnimationMapTrigger in modfolder is.
Manure or manure is not displayed?
Again, check whether the manure manure-lime Mod in modfolder is.
Where can I load seed and fertilizer?
Seed there is the port, garden centers and the main courtyard
Fertilizer there is the grain trade Werner, harbor, garden center and the main courtyard
Why the camera is consumed in the GE?
The camera is set on purpose. Who has a little idea of GE, which can easily fix.

A big thank you to all the modders whose objects I have installed.

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Farming mods

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