MF OLD GENERATION 1970-1990 V1.0.0.2

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MF OLD GENERATION 1970-1990 V1.0.0.2 – for fs2017


Hey everyone! There is very useful MF OLD GENERATION 1970-1990 for your farm in FS2017! Dont forget to share it with your friends!

With the MF Old Generation pack, relive the agriculture of the 80’s!

Version update:

-Added new conbine MF27;
-Added new cutter MF27Cut;
-Added new roundbaler MF125;
-added new manure fork MF;
-All shaders have been updated;
-Adjust shaders Log grabber MF15;
-Adjust fillVolume MF30 (cover);
-Fix of baler prize;
-Adjust MF24;
-Adjust MF30;
-Fix support MF885_cutter;
-Fix MF294 FL;
-Added Warning Triangle option;
-Fix MF200;
-Fix MF260;
-Fix MF11;
-Adjust MF140 -10% size, Fix fillVolume, Fix dicharge, Fix exactFillRootNode.;
-Adjust MF110 -10% size, Fix fillVolume, Fix dicharge, Fix exactFillRootNode.;
-Adjust MF114;
-Fix Motor power MF3000;
-Added Real 2Wd modèle MF600, 600C, 3000;
-Added 2wd double all tractors;
-Fix Motor option price MF600 and MF600C;
-Fix 3-points Rotation MF294C, MF600, MF600C, MF3000;
-Fix All wheels MF3000.

Pack includes 28 mods.


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