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Hello, today we present our converted Standart Brantner tipper available.

Version 2.0
– Dynamic Hose ready
– Hydrac FL hinzugefügt
– Pallettengabel mit dem Stapler Aufkleber ausgestattet

This dump truck is a universal trailer, and a project which was planned for some time.
A Thanks to Gehr Breisgau Modding for Supports and at Rival Bomb Modding for Bordwandschließsound- script.
The tipper is ideal for bran to medium sized businesses suitable, it can load a lot of fruits, when a map has not installed all the fruit, which the trailer can load, then appear in the log. Warnings, that is only the tipper can load more fruits than are built into the Map. If so nothing bad.
There are a pallet fork, and included two purchasable pallets. A palette has an essay Colli fürn transporting eg smaller weights, which serves different palette purely to correct things.
The pallets have also installed a Atacher joint, thus you can see the pallets “Hitch” to the pallet fork, so the pallets do not fall down moment during the ride or Hubtätigkeit.

Bordwände from outside to open (O key) including sound
you can attach almost anything / fix in the back (bales, pallets, …)
Loading area can be tilted via Mausstuerung (to unload from wood residues, see picture)
Board walls have Collision
several bodies (which can be transported exactly by what construction is on the shop Description)
Original Sticker (model is the Mengele Tipper Domi his uncle.
Palletengabel with atacher Joint
both pallets equipped with Atacher joint

DL Link:
Dynamic pants ready (Hydraulkischlauch + cable)
Hydrac FL (verkleiner / shortened) added
equipped Hydrac Palettengabel with the sticker (forklift)

A big thanks goes to: Joe (LS Pics by Almwirt Joe) for the installation of Dynamic Hose (hydraulic hose + cable)
The downloaded file must be entpacket once.
We wish you much fun and joy with this mod you want the
STEYR Modding Team
(unknown000, steyr modder, Domi, John)
Joe (LS Pics by Joe Almwirt)

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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Author: Giants, STEYR Modding, Breisgau Modding, RivalBomb Modding, BuzzardAgrotech, BM Modding

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