Maulandia V3.0

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Version 3 improvements:

  • Make new PDA
  • New textures
  • New buildings
  • Water in the ditch at the freight station

Version 2 Changes:

  • Through Wheeled grain storage
  • Shelf for tools and cutting plants
  • Ball Sales and grass sale at the train yard
  • Upgraded map with various building
  • Map is now error-free
  • Barrier removed, gave problems when courseplay

Version 1:

  • Halls partially deleted and replaced by more practical, also made ​​higher
  • Field paths replaced with asphalt texture
  • Created an opportunity to increase by almost all fields
  • 2 New fields which do not need to buy
  • Changed-Start Vehicles
  • Verfault/Verdorrt Status away for stress-free work :)
  • Shortcut to the freight depot, for cow pasture
  • Farm, cow pasture, sheep pasture completely rebuilt
  • Through Wheeled sugar beet and potato storage
  • Second-Fahrsilo in cow pasture
  • Grass pile in BGA
  • Food storage so you have to give no more bales in the feed mixer at court, cow pasture, sheep pasture
  • Converted fertilizer and seed pallets from the farm
  • Various embellishments of Map

Mapumbauer: JoMaule
Equipment shelter: Burn_out
Corn Exchange: Kyosho
Bank and industry trade hall: freak36558
Grass Heap: mario Dieck
Food storage: frisco0177
K_ZR_Lager: Ganelcer
Machine hall: Bauer-ls
Cutting shelf and ramp: tackle berry
Ball and grass sale sale: Feldhamster232
Windmill: Spider 100

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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