Massey Ferguson Airseeder and Cart

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Massey Ferguson Airseeder and Cart

This is a Massey Ferguson Reskinned Airseeder and Cart. Use the front tank for fertilizer and the rear tank for seed, or fill both with seed. For seeds fill from grain trailers not the seed trigger. For Fertilizer fill from trailers, spray trigger and the liquidManure trigger. I only reskinned these to MF.

Attach seeder/aircart: q
Lower/lift seeders: n
Unfold to workposition: u
Fold to transport: y
Cycle HUD: 0 (number)
Swing grain auger to next position: k
Turn on grain auger: j
Open tank lids: o (letter)
Turn airflow on/off: b
Auto markers disable/enable: 0 (Keypad)
Left marker: 1 (keypad)
Markers unfolded/transport: 2 (keypad)
Right marker: 3 (keypad)
Helper on/off(AI): h

Model: Knagsted
Script: Knagsted
Reskin ONLY: Bronkema

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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  1. Rex

    As a newcomer to this game and am enjoying every second yet i have some issues with this mod it says “No More Space!! Please remove the Purchased Item” what do i need to do to remedy this? or will the Authors need to address this?

    1. Farming mods


      First of all, try to sell some of your equipment. If it’s doesn’t help, then try to remove some mods. If game still don’t let you buy new mods, than address the authors. :)

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