Massey Ferguson 2290 + Nadal R90 v1

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Rakes deployed Width: 10,5 meters
Rakes folded height: 5,2 meters
Recommended power: 230 cv
Price: 134.000 €
Daily maintenance: 95 €
Rakes adapts to the ground

Our flagship product is the swath R90 has been specially designed to work in conjunction with the baler. With a working width of 10,5 meters and a good leveling provided by its four wheels with adjustable damping in height, providing excellent performance in the collection plus a significant time savings. The launch of the baler is placed vertically adjustable by a hydraulic cylinder, which facilitates besides leveling rake transport difficult access, like the roller placed with the phonograph, which makes the straw into the machine with greater ease.
Special thanks to BlackSheep for letting me modify its Baler.

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Farming mods

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Author: Baler: BlackSheep Rake: JavierZzS

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  1. doc911

    I am wondering if the modders responsible for this excellent mod could be interested in making a few adjustments to allow the modified balers to be towed behind the Krone Big X 1100 harvester &/or the Krone L 500 mower. This will require the tongue of the baler to be lengthened so the nadal r90 parts does not crash into the rear mower pods when turning. Perhaps a telescoping tongue that extends 3-5 feet when the baler is unfolded may be a good option.

    Another improvement would be to add a hitch point on the rear of the baler for a Kverneland bale wrapper can be towed behind any of the balers that have the Nadal 90 enhancements installed. The Kverneland bale wrapper can be towed directly behind the baler & does not need the offset to the side to function.

    If the person or people who have made the Nadal 90 is interested in upgrading the balers further as per my request, I would be more then happy to send them 10-20 bux via paypal for their time involved in making the improvements. Then, not only will I have my dream baler system, the entire FS15 community can benefit from the suggested improvements to an already great mod.

    I ask this only because I am unable to perform the modifications myself & I lack the time needed to learn how to create mods for FS15, however I AM more then happy to pay someone, preferably someone who is involved with the Nadal 90 mod & who already knows how to develope mods for FS15.

    When needed, my email addy is [email protected]. Drop me a quick message to get the ball rolling & then I can get that persons paypal info to transfer the funds once completed.


  2. Schrieferfarms

    Can someone make a CaseIh one please)))

    1. Farming mods

      what you mean ? there are plenty of case ih

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