Marumer map

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Here is the new Marumer map, ready for ’15. Inspired by the region Groningen, Northern Netherlands!

Major Changes since the ’13 version:

  • Redesigned the complete village.
  • Made it into a 4 farm map, excellent for multiplayer, with a Cow farm, Sheepfarm, Arable Farm and Contractor.
  • Replaced all the ’13 trees with ’15 trees.
  • Redesigned some fields, making it from 142 to 129 fields.
  • Added room for 79 plots of forests, divided in little blocks of landvarying between coniferous, dedicious and mixed forests.
  • Replaced the old rocky dyke with a completely new climbable, mowable dyke, one with some actual size!
  • Added extra shops to sell grain to!
  • Added dirt roads with actual badly shaped bumps and holes in it, for extra realism.
  • Added Speedbumps to some roads (I DO NOT KNOW the author of the model, sadly!).

Integrated Mods: AnimationMapTrigger, Chopped Straw, GuelleMistMod, WaterMod, GuelleLager, Compostmod, Multiterrain.

Mods required for perfectly using this map:

  • Water and milk trailer,
  • Compost mod,
  • Milk truck trigger.

Marhu, Cebuljcek modding, NI modding, Vertex-design, Petorius, Bullgore, webalizer_ls, Eribus and BigBlue.

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Farming mods

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