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– Self-developed script for BGA silos, Initial Version: LS09
– Indipendent from Standard silo Script
– TipTrigger deactivated with [Ctrl] + [T] – Direct tilt in the silo or create HeapTipTrigger with deactivated TipTrigger
– Apply with loaders or silage sign silage from HeapTipTrigger, Mod Recommendation: BGA Shovel
– Silo condense, the compression rate depends on the weight of vehicles
– Will not compacted to 100% is produced by fermenting manure, first the good part is removed, then the Poor
cover Silo –
– Depending on the silo setting a minimum time for fermentation is required
– Discover Silo
refer Fermented silage with shovel or Mixer feeders –
– When entering the sampling trigger the vehicle is braked
– The removal fillType depends on the most retracted fillType
– Some settings of the built-in Map silos can be changed in the bgaSilo_settings.xml the savegame folder

For now pushing silage following Mod is strongly recommended: BGA Shovel
Note for those who do not know the MapBGASilo Script:
Alone this mod does not matter.
This mod gives the BGA silos running this script a function.

Silos to embed in the Map (Giants Editor):
– Silo LS11 Style:

Maps in a BGA silo is built:
– Klettenberg map of NKB-modding
– Stapp Bach agricultural Team Franken

Mod Notes:
So you can create HeapTipTrigger in Silo you have to disable the TipTrigger first.
With [Ctrl] + [T] can be the TipTrigger enable / disable.
The Help window displays whether the TipTrigger is active.

Script: Heady

Current Version: 15.0.1
Version Description: AA.BC
A: LS version
B: What’s new, larger changes
C: Troubleshooting, small changes

Are there any problems or errors with the mod? Then create a new topic in the Planet-LS Support area . For optimal assistance there Note the unpinned topic: Rule to Make a support request
Feedback, improvement or amendments here in issue.

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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Author:  Script: Heady

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