Map of Canada V3

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Canada map V3, (final):

  • This map is a low profile, very low profile, full optimized.
  • This is a very good map for multiplayer.
  • Pig, beef, cow, sheep, chicken.
  • New buildings.
  • Inclusive, integrated 4 mods.
  • Mod water trailer, BB650 multifruits, trailer liquidManure, animal transport, PDAfix.
  • Xero error log, zero warning.


Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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  1. John

    Perfect map, complete … really good!
    thank you;)

  2. Sheathanaich

    Yes I agree it’s damn near perfect, but what would really elevate this map to superb is the addition of the guelle mist kalk mod and maybe 2 more crops inline with Canada and USA…..Maybe Soybeans/Oats/Rye……Opps that’s three…lol

    5* map which can only get better….

  3. Jonathan

    Where can I sell my milk at?

    1. Smokey

      The milk truck drives it self at my game milk is sold every day

  4. toshodo

    I think this map has problems feeding cows. the first day I had bought 50 cows, the next day 50 cows turned into 50 chickens

  5. Smokey

    Great map lots of fun,

    Maybe some different corps would be nice …
    Is there any place to sell your liquid slurry / manure i cant find it ?

  6. kevin

    How do I contact the developer of this map for issu\es with this map? I have found three of them so far….

  7. Milenko Ivanovic

    Stoped working,error Engine !!! ????

  8. binks

    How can I get to the chicken pan with my tractor to fill chicken troughs with water and wheat?

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