Map Gifts of the Caucasus v1 FS15

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Present you card on Caucasian subjects. Scenic terrain, varied terrain, land and sea, mountains and plains, fields of complex and simple forms. Unique scripts: dirt, fuel hose, trains and ships with a functional, animated animals, rotary mining excavator, its unique menu of this map, primenenie crops, the restriction on the choice of seed, lost equipment, tow truck, physics of the suspension on different surfaces, the weight of the cargo car.

On the map, purchased a lot of factories that produce 3 types of flour, bread, biscuits, beer, canned food, condensed milk, sugar, Rast. oil, concrete. Factories and fields sold in a real estate office, it is possible to improve plants and limited in the volume of warehouses for deforestation without penalty license is required. You have the choice of what to do, can sell raw crop, and can produce products and sell at a better price.

Pigs and calves in the store yet. They will appear after the purchase of the pigsty and calf house. The storage of bales will work too only after purchase. Seeders can only refuel the UAZ. And the Urals and the semi-trailer may food seed and fertilizer is simple to transport. Sunflower, onions and carrots can sow all the seeders that are intended for corn.

Fields, factories, factories are bought in a real estate office

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Author: stasenko100, Weder, igor29381, Kovsh

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