Manual Ignition For FS 2015

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Adds manual ignition to all motor vehicles. Pre heating of the enginge before it could be started. HUD dissapears after about 5seconds later. Credits: Katsuo, Xentro, Wis_Tex

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Farming mods

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  1. Pochy

    gracias por este mods…
    los estaba esperando.

    1. Pochy

      Me a dañado el juego.
      ya que no despliegas las herramientas..
      gracias igual..

      Quiero el Mods “follow me”

  2. Александр

    Не работает функция раскладывания на прицепных устройствах (сеялка плуг)

  3. junttieinari

    Mod works fine except when you enter vehicle first time and engine is not running you have exhaust coming out from exhaust pipes, it does stop it when enter preheating phase and start again of course when engine is started, but hope to see fix soon.

  4. junttieinari

    Just noticed this mod breaks several farm equipment, specific unfold option stop working when use this mod.

  5. Mud

    Mod is breakes equipment, everything that need unfolding won’t work with this mod installed.

  6. Bill

    Would there be a way to have the lights stay on (like beacons) when leaving the tractors running?

  7. hvbj

    You can’t Use the activate key with this mod. This sucks big time

  8. michael

    bind a new key lol

  9. Martin

    When this mod is installed the implements will not unfold. Needs a little bit more tweaking

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