Manual Attaching

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This mod enforces you to attach or detach tools and trailers manually.

Manual attach:
When attaching an implement the script forces the implement to stay at the lowered state.There are some exceptions made for the front loaders, skidsteers, shovels, telehandlers, combines and hooklift tools. Those are still able to attach and detach from the inside of your vehicle.The hoses or PTO still requires to be attached manually.

Manual detach:
The implement have to be lowered! Also make sure the PTO and hoses are detached before detaching the implement.

Disables attaching and detaching from inside the vehicle:
As the title says it’s not possible any more to do the quick switches between implements.. get out that vehicle for real this time!

Manual powertakeoff:
This feature attaches or detaches the PTO manually. Also make sure to attach it before using an implement otherwise it won’t be able to turn on!

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Farming mods

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Author: Wopster and Fruktor

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