Manchester Map FS2015

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Welcome to Manchester, farming simulator 2015 map

A fictional region inspired of British-Colombia here in Canada.
The map is very atmospheric, and a very strong attention to details is what you can expect in this map.
I was lucky enough to have a 6 month off from real life work because of a “parental/new born holiday” so i was able to create this mod.
The map offer you a Big Main Farm with all you can expect from a moden farming experience and a Secondary farm witch is a lil smaller.
Manchester is a big download, i’m aware of this, that’s because of all the new textures (my textures)…
I’ve retextured a lot of stuff in this map increasing it’s total size, but it’s unique i can tell you that.
This mod is not a ressouces free mod, you may not use any part of this mod, Most of the ressouces I’ve used can be found on the internet, but those in the map has being retextured by me, witch make them unique to Manchester.

Map includes:
All fruit and grass (but potato & sugarbeet) texture have been edited by myself and offer a very high realism.
A village (shop, egg sell, grass sell, manure sell)
2 new fruits (oat & soybean offer the ability to sow, harvest and sell oat and soybean just like any original fruit)
2 custom mission (one of each type; mowing and delivery)
2 farm (a main farm and a secondary farm)
4 selling station for your fruits
3 selling points for bales
2 main area for forestry activities*
There’s not much else to say, Download, Install in your mod folder along with the needed mods, Jump in game and enjoy.
*FORESTRY ACTIVITY:(I recommend making your forestry activities in the 2 area marked on the map with an orange sign “forestry work ahead”). The trees in those 2 area are fully harvestable, while those elsewhere on the map are not. You have being warned !

Incorporated Mods:
Lime, Slurry and Manure Mod: (able to visualy spread lime, slurry and manure in your field) by Marhu/TMT Modding
Water Mod: (able to give water to cow and sheep to increase yield) by Marhu/TMT Modding
Chopped Straw Mod: (give a visual effect of chopped particles in the field) by Webalizer*
Beef and Pig Fattening Mod: (able to raise beef and pigs to sell and make money) by Marhu/TMT Modding
Wool Pallet Collector Mod: (able to accumulate multiple wool pallet without the need of removing the pallet each time one is full) by Marhu/TMT Modding
Mixing Station Mod: (able to accumulate Grass, Straw and Silage in a single machine that will mix the perfect ration for cow and sheep food) by Marhu/TMT Modding
*Chopped Straw mod is ready on the map, but note that this mod is very heavy to support on lower end computer. Just remove the “” from your mod folder to play the map without this feature.

The Map:
On the main farm you will find:
The Cows husbandry
The Sheep husbandry
The Pigs husbandry
A place to sell grass and straw (look for a grey blower with a long pipe with grass and straw at it’s base)
A water tank (for filling the water for cow and sheep)
2 place to sell bales (one in theback of the barn and one in the small door on the roof of the barn, the second spot will need an elevator mod, when it’s created)
Gas tank (to fill your tractors)
A place for feeding grass to cows was added in the round feeder (when the bale feed mod come out)
The main silos with will accept the new fruits (soybean and oat)
Bunker silo
Mixing station
Wool pallet collector
A custom Manure heap (for the cows)

Secondary Farm include:
Beef husbandry
Chickens den
Bales sell area (next to the bales)
A tip area that is “join” to the main farm silos (next to the grain auger)
Bunker silo
Water tank

Update V1.1
Remove the unused compost station (this mod is buggy at the moment).
Added a gate by the farm for field #1
Reduced the helicopter sound a bit

MUK Modding Crew
NI Modding
AT Modding
AEM community

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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  1. Alex

    Hiya I was just wondering what the password is

  2. Steve

    After I launch the map and I use the keyboard you can’t do anything else just walk forward or sideways. It’s like the keyboard locks up. Any idea what mod may be causing this?

    1. Farming mods

      It is hart to say. Map for me is working, try remove one by one mods, what are not assosiated with this map.
      Good luck

  3. James

    A storage area for potatoes, sugar beets and straw or grass would be a good idea for this map.

  4. Hayden

    how do I load the map

    1. Farming mods

      Extrat downloaded file, all files add to mods folder.
      Load the game, and you should find this maps, next to all maps.

  5. Wes

    The map won’t load for me it show’s up and everything but it wont load i’m just stuck in the loading screen.

  6. Dennis

    Can i download this map mod, install and play? or do i need download other mods so the whole map is working?

    1. Farming mods

      Just downoad, add to mods folder and play

      1. Dennis Bos

        Already did, works fine, accept.
        When i will dump my barley at the silo’s at the main farm they say Barley is not accepted here. how is that possible?
        Also i don’t see the storage place for straw.
        Are there mods i have to download separately?

  7. OrganicFarmer

    Fantastic mod.. course am a… the only glitch I have found so far is the storage shed has a loose straw storage but no front end loaders or equipment to load it and take it to the feed mixer plant. If you find a way to move the loose straw from the little storage shed would love to know what you use.

  8. brandon m head

    Where is the wood chip pile? I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t seem to find it. Hurry…lol. Its in demand right now. Thanks all.

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