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Here I have for you the MAN TGX HKL pack.

A short description is the pack in PDF and should be read strictly to clarify any questions in advance!


  • MAN TGX change loader vehicle
  • MAN to transport hook lift containers with tilt function
  • About 70 km/h
  • Road Traffic Regulations lighting
  • Deko / Tuningteile

Hüffermann sled trailer / container trailer:

  • Transport of hook lift containers (provided by MAN on the rear of the trailer with container equipped )
  • Hookjoint at the rear of the trailer to the functions such as overloaded by artificial fertilizers to ensure safe
  • Road Traffic Regulations lighting
  • TrailerAttacher for more trailers

Seed container:

  • For transporting and overloaded from seed
  • In maps without built- seed – wheat trigger has to be used and has the same function as seed
  • Filling and emptied
  • Drive to fill the planter with the planter at the rear of the container and fill Sähmaschine

Fertilizer container:

  • For transporting and overloaded of fertilizer
  • Filling and emptied
  • To fill the spreader drive up to the spreader and overloaded with key “r” fertilizer

Tank Containers:

  • To refuel the vehicles on the field
  • Must be filled ( at normal gas station triggers) –
  • Tank trigger on the side of the pump

Rethmann container:

  • For transporting wheat rape maize barley chaff grass seed potatoes beet silage manure mixed feed fertilizer lime

MAN TGX HKL LS11: Werkstattleiter
Edit LS13: Bandit
Anbauteile / Tuningteile MAN: White_Rhino
WAECO Airconditioning mit Rotor: Repi; Rotorscript: Alex2009

Containertrailer: Urmod von:
Edit: Zumbi

Shipping: hewaaa
Edit Saatgutcontainer: Bandit
Edit Kunstdüngercontainer: Bandit
Edit tank container: Bandit Ölfässer: JauchenPaule

Rethmann-Container: hewaaa
Edit: bandit

Script / fillSowingTrailer: Xento

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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