Man TGX 8×4 Pack

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Man TGX 8×4 single tractor and tractor Version Crane, The Man model has been completely resize 1.0 Size date as this model LS11 and someone had the idea of ​​created bigger than other models but now it’s over for LS15 since I propose here and now in size 1.0 with removing old 3d party and chroming and addition of new Part chroming, exaust, cage, front grill, walking distance Etc .. everything to make it as realistic as possible, original lights included with personalization of par- sun and lights with 4 position lumier Interior lighting Indor HUD compatible Retro Functional, Steering Import, Crane For Version Is there much of the Model LS13 Werkstattleiter Converted by my Friend Hugo94FR with all these service and support, The crane model has a small yet all the default script indor HUD and retro but are not functional yet please Excuse me.

VWFahrer80, Repi, Werkstattleiter, Hugo94FR, Serge44, Hugo94FR.

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Farming mods

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