MAN Agroliner 3 axis

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MAN Agroliner 3 axis

MAN agricultural -3 axis V1. As you can see the 3 axis version is on the 2-axis version you built is intended in the train for HKD 302, which are also matched to each other. (Fruit, structure and animations, etc.).

In addition, he has also received a passenger.

Attention! For the really hard I have all six mirrors provided with a proper reflection. You are already aligned and can not be adjusted in the game. (in GE yes) They can be as below to read is off and then the mirrors have only a cubemap available.

I think I need not say that the number of correct mirror (if they are switched to) pull the FPS about a lot in the basement.

Animates are again all the stuff like the HKD 302

Side panels , strainers wiggle , the waves incl Umlenkböcke and lever for Bordwandveriegelung , also the front sight funzt and is fully animated.

Also, the MAN is going great in conjunction with the “ToggleTipSid ” and “alternativetipping”. It is possible to select all four abkippvarianten without prob ‘s. (rear, link’s right’s, grain slide )

The MAN (along with the HKD 302) was commissioned in MP were examined in detail , leaving behind a clean log.

Capacity: 16000

Fruit Types: grass windrow, chaff, wheat, rape maize, barley, potato, sugarbeet, seeds, fertilizer, manure, silage, forage

MAN Agroliner 3 axis v 2.0 MR

Model: Lindemann
Cabin: 3D Scrap
Tag: Lindemann
Scripts : Model Eicher, Alex2009

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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