Lysa Polana

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Here is the new edition of Lysa Polana to LS15, map made from scratch on the model Lysa PolanyV2 to LS13.
Lysa Polana Reactivation is a map in a unique style, two fully playable farms, modern designed primarily for the production of milk and small in the style of a typical Polish farm.
We focused on the full functionality of maps: cows, sheep, chickens and selling of agricultural products, sawmill on the picturesque lake, biogas will enable the full potential maps.


  • Cows, sheep, chickens
  • The sale of eggs
  • The sale of wool
  • GuleMistMod added to the map
  • Lime tuck shovel (sellers)
  • Garden center
  • BGA
  • Bio-power
  • forests
  • Purchase of a sawmill and wood
  • Signs
  • Sellers field
  • Cars parked in various places on the map
  • Difficult commute to fields


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Farming mods

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  1. Frank Siciliano

    Love your map. First map that is tight to move around in that I have liked. Very well done. Still have not yet found the home farm but still trying. A coupe of errors, not serious. Chicken smybol at 292,823 & 1257,1140; Store at 959,1066;Fuel at 1031,1019 and Unload at 1180,998. Nothing serious, I just got a little confused but still am new to the game. Will be looking for more of your maps when I finish this one. Thanks.

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