LS – Nextgeneration map

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Here is my new map for everyone the LS-NextGeneration Map V1.

A lot of people will recognize the map from farming simulator 2011 only the name whas different; HollandFarm, I have changed the name now to LS-NextGeneration and i have rebuild the map and changed some areas. You can see on the photo’s and video’s how i have changed the map and whats new.

What can you find:

  • Village
  • 2 biogas areas, you need to buy this
  • Tankstation Shell
  • Farm
  • Cowzone
  • Sheep zone
  • A shop to sell eggs and wool
  • Vechicle shop
  • Gardencenter
  • Horse riding center with functions and chickens. you can find the eggs behind the house.
  • At the horse center you can also store your fruits.
  • Second place for storing your fruits and bales
  • Countrytrade
  • A area for placing greenhouses, on the area there is a water basin and manure stock.
  • De mest kan je bij de koeien laden en op 3 verschillende plekken lossen. You can load manure at the cows and storage it on 3 different areas,
  • At the greenhouses, the farm, and by the sheeps so you have manure on different ares.

Required mods:

  • Mapdoortrigger;
  • Water trailer;
  • Manure mod.

The crops will die!

Helpful Hints:

  • Make sure you have installed the LATEST stable Patch!

Social profiles:

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  2. Facebook:
  3. Video:

Map by: Mike
Horse Trailer: Wolfheart aka Peelo
Getreidelagerhalle: Mulde, Klaner
Dünger Kalklager Befüllbar V 1.0: Steffen30muc
Mittlere Maschinenhalle V 1.0: Katsuo
Kleine Maschinenhalle V 1.0: Katsuo
MischStation: Marhu
Pferdestall Mit Wassertrigger V 1.0: PaPa
Spielplatz V 1.0: Mir
Fermenter Für Biogasanlage V 1.0 By NKB-Modding: Konvert: xXMalleXx
Silo V 1.0: Katsuo
Kogellager V 1.0: Steffen30muc
Gehweg: Desperados93

Extra mods:

Script: John Deere 6930
Graphics: John Deere 6930

By Bluebaby210
Daniel Witzel

Water trailer:
Model: Giants
Umbau: Marhu

Manure mod:
Gülle-Mist-Kalk-Mod LS2013 v2.01
von TMT (Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan)

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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