LS 11 Map v2.2

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Version 2.2 of farming simulator 2015 mod

Thanks Nitro Sepp Now road and the fields are kaufbar.Dank also in Scania in 2011 (Modtempel) ships aufm river and lake. Built cable car and functional building gemacht.Original LS 11 installation by Scania in 2011 and detailed Gestaltung.Wolle can now be sold in the village fixed on Supermarkt.Holzverkaufstrigger function jetzt.2ter Harbour New biogas plant.

Hello dear virtual farmers Here you presented Deere 8530 the original LS 11 Maps.

You mean it does not belong to it? False belongs in any case belongs to them! What do you expect? -Biomassekraftwerk With sawmill -Getreidemühle -Mischfutteranlage biogas plant -Port tree trunk sale -Nordzucker (potatoes and beets sale) -Brauerrei You have 3 wooded areas but also waiting for afforestation have 2 forests where their lumber könnt.Es only the original fruit varieties (by ls15 ). A special thanks goes out to all modders and scripters without which it would not at all possible to create maps !!!!!!! Support to the map there are open only to cheer Mod Temple Very important !!!! If I have forgotten anyone in the Creditz please immediately report is then immediately added later !!!!!!

ls-11-map-v2-2_36 ls-11-map-v2-2_35 ls-11-map-v2-2_34 ls-11-map-v2-2_33 ls-11-map-v2-2_32 ls-11-map-v2-2_31 ls-11-map-v2-2_30 ls-11-map-v2-2_29 ls-11-map-v2-2_28 ls-11-map-v2-2_27 ls-11-map-v2-2_24 ls-11-map-v2-2_23 ls-11-map-v2-2_22 ls-11-map-v2-2_21 ls-11-map-v2-2_20 ls-11-map-v2-2_19 ls-11-map-v2-2_18 ls-11-map-v2-2_17 ls-11-map-v2-2_16 ls-11-map-v2-2_15 ls-11-map-v2-2_14 ls-11-map-v2-2_13 ls-11-map-v2-2_12 ls-11-map-v2-2_11 ls-11-map-v2-2_10 ls-11-map-v2-2_9 ls-11-map-v2-2_8 ls-11-map-v2-2_7 ls-11-map-v2-2_6 ls-11-map-v2-2_5 ls-11-map-v2-2_4 ls-11-map-v2-2_3 ls-11-map-v2-2_2

Giants (Karte Gebäude)
Deere 8530 Erbauer 

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