LS 09 Map v1.0 MultiFruit

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Today there is the Ls 2009 Ls for 2015, it is a joint project of u Deere8530. Scania2011, it has a lot of time u. Tasted nerve to convert the Map. It has become a Multifucht Map.
The Ls 2009 is kept as original as possible, in this way, we thank all the modders u.Scriptern for their properties.

On the map there are:
Standard Fruit


New fruits:
Rye, oats, sunflower
Sales outlets that existed at 09 Harbour Mill Restaurant


New additions:
Timber sales
Beet-u. Potato sales
Grass sales,
Livestock cows sheep chickens
The Forstwirtschatf is also included
Have fun while gambling

ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_24 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_23 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_22 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_21 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_20 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_19 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_18 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_17 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_16 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_15 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_14 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_13 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_12 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_11 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_10 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_9 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_8 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_7 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_6 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_4 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_3 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_2 ls-09-map-v1-0-multifruit_1

Authors:Scania2011 u. Deere 8530 

How to install Farming simulator 2015 mods:

Please follow the link for detailed instructions

How to install Farming simulator 2013/2015 mods

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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  1. BNSFTIM55

    i have a question dose the default carry and harvest the new fruits just curious

  2. BNSFTIM55

    some of the crops dont work

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