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Here we have a restored LP9 wood cutter. Original model by Кирюха, werik, Silak_68.
Crow Modding takes NO Credit for any 3d model offered here. Many objects we have no
idea who is the original creator is, but we Thank You anyway.

This is one of my favorite wood cutters since it was first offered probably a year ago?
Was using it and one of the things that always bothered me was you could never tell the
rotation of the cab in relation to the tracks when using the inside view (which I always use).
So I added an degree gauge for the cab. Then added more for each arm 1 and 2, and also for the
cutter head. Guages are very close to being accurate to my testing? After those gauges, I just
kept adding more and more. At first it may seem over done, but everything does have a function.

What has been done? Alot!
Degree gauges for all rotating parts (Modders you may freely use these in your own mods and upload if you wish)
Added custom MPH and Tach (Modders you may freely use these in your own mods and upload if you wish)
Radio and CB have new higher resolution textures with off, on and lighted modes.(Modders you may freely use these in your own mods and upload if you wish)
Clock that shows in game time. (Modders you may freely use these in your own mods and upload if you wish)
Custom light indicators (Modders you may freely use these in your own mods and upload if you wish) I left the i3d for each color in the zip file!
Engine compartment has been made with sort of 3d look (you can see in the vents, was hoping for a better effect, but I’m satisfied.)
Also added a rotating fan in the engine compartment with the engine running.
Most of interior had textures changed and doubled the resolution from original.
Track texture changed and can see thru parts of it, I like the effect.
Added beacons to cab and lights to cutter head.
During research found one of these painted yellow, so thats what I went with. Still has that old used look.
Added more detail to body, ladder, hand grabs, battery box etc.
Everything gets dirty, even the rotating fan, keep your equipment clean!
Removed beleuchtungV31.lua. Had problems with beacons staying on when leaving cab (which I like so I removed it)
Only added one script for the rotating fan.
Can open the door with kp7 still like the original.
Everything else should function like the original.

Again Crow modding take NO credit for any 3d object. Just adding detail and function to already Great mods.
Please download, use and tell us what you think?

Crow Modding

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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Author: Кирюха, werik, Silak_68 Crow Modding

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