Lomersheim V3.0

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On this map, I tried to pack as possible purely as much reality and nature. I hope I have succeeded to some extent. If errors are discovered, I would be happy to learn this. Also, suggestions and constructive criticism, I would displeased.
All, buildings, triggers, objects and textures that are installed in this map, are all original or
Download freely available. A link- information about the buildings and objects that are not original is further attached below. Mods and Scirpte which are their “needs” to the map also given below.

Map includes:

  • 24 major and minor fields
  • An average working BGA (BGA bunker has a container capacity of 15000l) with
  • Straw bale choppers
  • 2 yards (two silos with a central courtyard and a “lohnunternehmerhof” with the Kratoffel and beet stock)
  • Güllemod installed , ankubbelbar both at court and at the biogas plant
  • Dealer
  • Reset points in the central courtyard
  • Built breeding facility from the beginning (sheep and poultry breeding)
  • Working speed cameras and traffic lights

Drive traffic, pedestrians, milk truck and run around:

  • Halls of VerteXdezign installed , so with Mapdoortriggern
  • ATM
  • Schafverkausstelle next to the dealer
  • Gardening with seed against the dealer
  • Grain storage at the BGA close
  • Many meadows (2 large pastures )
  • Small lake near the mill where water for greenhouses , etc. can bring
  • Unloading of a train station , a mill ( opposite the station ) , country store and a brewery in the village


The mod may be published on other sites as long as is used ONLY ORIGINAL LINK!

Required mods:

  • http://www.modhoster.de/mods/map-ampeln–2
  • http://landwirtschafts-simulator.de/mod.php?lang=de&mod_id=172
  • http://www.farming-mods.net/mod/map-door-trigger-v4-0/
  • http://www.modhoster.de/mods/zucht-anlagen
  • http://www.mod-portal.com/forum/index.php?page=DatabaseItem&id=273

Modder: Nefarius88,Angelcom

Tester und Ideensammler: Friedli88 und Agrostar6.21, Angelcom

MapRepairTrigger Raffnix
WaterMod Marhu
SchweinemastV2 Marhu
Schweineverkauf Bergi2001
Waage Alex2009
Marktbuden manni_112
Wartehaus Fendtfan1
Bauer Frau Charly99
BatteryBooster JauchenPaule
bigmigmag JauchenPaule
compressor JauchenPaule
workshopEquipment JauchenPaule
FeldwasserHydrant martinbigM500
BauZub Freak36558
Liebheer 81K Freak36558
Baustelle2 Freak36558
Wollregallager alexrene
Werkstatt Objekte Kirtz Pierre
Ducks Sandgroper
FarmAnimals Mr.Siika & Maxter
BaustellenHäuser manni_112
Fahrbahnmakierungen FrankWienberg[GER] Schafstall Manu ya
BayWa Händler By K und S Modding: http://www.facebook.com/KundSModding
Binnenschiff Leider nicht mehr nach zu voll ziehen “bitte eine Pm wenn es erkannt wird”
Extended 4.1.7 Black BPG auf http://www.blackpanthergroup.de/

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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