LMS Dodge Ram 3500 laramie longhorn SRW

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The Dodge 3500 Laramie Longhorn edition Ram by LMS is perfect for checking on your fields in style and comfort, or hauling equipment, supplies, or livestock utilizing either the bumper hitch or bed mounted gooseneck hitch. You can also haul bales, small implements or equipment on the Hillsboro flatbed. Use the front mounted winch to rescue vehicles and equipment from the mud, rivers or that may have gotten stuck on rocks or ridges.

Features include:

  • Manual ignition (BJR);
  • Parking brake;
  • Flip out side mirrors for towing;
  • Operable hood with detailed engine;
  • Detailed in cab view;
  • Operable winch – capable of stationary winching or powered “snatch out” pulling;
  • Functioning selectable 4 wheel drive;
  • Dynamic exhaust;
  • Engine brake aka “jake” brake;
  • Wheel dust particles;
  • Trailer tow package for both gooseneck trailers and bumper pull trailers;
  • Washable dirt textures;
  • Beleuchtung V3;
  • Strobe lights;
  • Turn signals;
  • Fog lights;
  • Bed light;
  • Object bed attacher;
  • Model and AO texture created with MAYA.


  • Left Signal = “KEY_KP_1”
  • Hazard Signals = “KEY_KP_2”
  • Right Signal = “KEY_KP_3”
  • Fog lights = “KEY_KP_4”
  • Bed lights = “KEY_KP_5”
  • Strobe lights = “KEY_home”
  • Manual ignition = “KEY_y”
  • 4×4 selection = “KEY_KP_0”
  • Gandbrake = “KEY_space”
  • Tow Mirror flip = “KEY_KP_8”
  • Hood open/close = “Key_KP_7”
  • Engine brake = “Key_KP_Enter”

Winch Operation:

  • Hook Attach = “KEY_9”
  • Cable UP = “KEY_z”
  • Cable Down = “KEY_x”
  • Cable Left = “KEY_j”
  • Cable Right = “KEY_k”
  • Cable IN = “KEY_n”
  • Cable Out = “KEY_m”

mwlacy, BigCountry, LazyMod Studios FSD, Isotope, Looseterror, TwistedGA, ThompsonM06, Giants, modelleicher, Case_IH_MxU135, DragonLord2007/modhoster, Sven777b, BJR, Templaer, Henly20, Xentro, Manuel Leithner, Amarlich, Marcu Hedblom a.k.a Xentro, fruktor, Headshot XXL, Gorli, Geri-G, Peter J, Heady, Twisted GA.

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  1. mathew

    does the wench on the front of the truck work?

    1. Chris

      yes it does

  2. Chris

    Winch Operation:

    Hook Attach = “KEY_9″
    Cable UP = “KEY_z”
    Cable Down = “KEY_x”
    Cable Left = “KEY_j”
    Cable Right = “KEY_k”
    Cable IN = “KEY_n”
    Cable Out = “KEY_m”

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