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Moin you all,
we have once again a mod for you to share, there is a municipal service vehicle. Evll everyone knows the Lizard Fam from the traffic. I thought I converted it and integrate it in order for municipal-style. He runs in super street and thanks to its “old turbo diesel engine” is all in top shape. it was built on 23.06.1999. But unfortunately there is no more new cars, the seats have slight traces of rust on the rear wheel arch, rims no longer beautiful, but and so it is not so bad, thanks to its trailer coupling makes the work easier. BTW he came in Passau than 1 hand !!!!. So much fun friends while testing and driving, Just try everything from what you can think of. Videos and pictures are gladly welcome.
Well good luck wishes Corsa D driver and his team-mate.
Ps Recommended Mods.

lizard-fam-1-9-td-municipal-official-cars-v1-1_15 lizard-fam-1-9-td-municipal-official-cars-v1-1_13 lizard-fam-1-9-td-municipal-official-cars-v1-1_18 lizard-fam-1-9-td-municipal-official-cars-v1-1_17 lizard-fam-1-9-td-municipal-official-cars-v1-1_8 lizard-fam-1-9-td-municipal-official-cars-v1-1_7 lizard-fam-1-9-td-municipal-official-cars-v1-1_6 lizard-fam-1-9-td-municipal-official-cars-v1-1_5


Karroserie: GIANTS Software GmbH.
Konvertiert und Bearbeitet: Corsa D Fahrer
Sound: Autoschrottplatz bei und in Niederbyern

Uploaded By :

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