Liebherr L576 Pack

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With the success that I had 900c also held to share you with other model Liebherr. This one is the basis of change in L536 cut to give it the appearance, shape and size of L576 We have been allowed at least 25 differente version of the L536 and which for me was not so relevant in the Forestry, This Liebherr L576 are high at present to load or unload your trailers, 2 version of its offer in this pack 1 version tire and a special version for the Wake tamping your silos ensillage accompanied by the forestry clamp and a 7000L bucket for your cargo, Some say he didnt may be the form of a L576, Yes it may be true but I expect he shares his version before mine because I did not create 3d but I assembled and recreated model of faithful people and the base of L536 was perfect for a model recreates type L576 so if the model does not please do not download if that! Here I hope in any case that these Liebherr Tools and you will be Useful in your everyday spot in the breasts of Farming Simulator 2015.

Borsalino88, Schmidtm, Serge44

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Farming mods

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