Langenfeld v1.0

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Welcome to your new yard in Langenfeld.
Langenfeld is a town in the district Neustadt in Middle Franconia and is a member of the administrative community Scheinfeld.

About map
The map was designed from the ground up in great detail, which among other things, the following objects to express:

  • Electricity pylons
  • Wind turbines
  • Trees
  • Rock
  • Tree trunks
  • Fences
  • and more..

There are three distributors to whom you can sell your grain and your root crops that are the agricultural trade, Raiffeisen and Roth.
There are two courtyards, yours and a yard from the contractors.

Start Vehicles:

  • 1 Deutz TTV430
  • 1 LamborghiniR4_110ltalia
  • 1 Deutz5465H
  • 1 DeutzCutter5465H
  • 1 Weidemann4270CX100T
  • 2 KrampeBBE500
  • 1 Joker6CT
  • 1 AmazoneAD P303Super
  • 1 AmazoneZAM1501
  • 1 GarantVE8000
  • 1 BergmannM1080
  • 1 Cutter Trailer
  • 2 weights

I hope you like my new map and I wish you lots of fun in Langenfeld.


It is forbidden to use the map without original download link on other sites.

Map: bestmods(Ich)


  • Wind turbines: Manuel
  • Country Trade: Eifok
  • Strassen: Fatian
  • Signs Nick98.1
  • Fences: Willi103
  • Blank Map: Nerd01
  • BayWa dealer: Kunds Modding
  • Grain storage: depression
  • Houses: DerModtesterJR
  • Country Trade: NI Modding
  • Raiffeisen: DDS MODDING
  • BGA objects: Roman @ k
  • Trees: Maxter
  • Halls: The720PowerHD, Johni989

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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