Kverneland Plow Pack Pw Rw Packomat V5.99 (MoreRealistic)

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Pure performance! The Kverneland PW-RW Packomat-pack is ideal for any size of business. You can buy the two separately and plows used individually or together. Together creates the pack up to 6 meter working width can be reduced manually. Additionally the packer also dig and hide. The Pack is GPS + AutoTractor + LS-helper fit.

The conversion of this mod was pure horror and the concept we had to knock several times. Ultimately, we are some compromises so that received the various functions and animations work together. This first beta version should work in MP.

Pack content:

  • Kverneland plow 4 Schaar;
  • Kverneland plow 8 Schaar;
  • Claas Xerion 3800VC Chip Tuning;
  • Claas Xerion 3800VC front weight;
  • GPS Mod.

Overview of functions:

  • Ready helper
  • AutoTractor ready
  • Washable 5 hours
  • Auto terrain. Height adjustment
  • Dynamic soil Schaar / Packer Particlesystem
  • Width adjustment team 4-6 meters (impact only at MR)
  • Depth adjustment team +- 16cm (effect only at MR)
  • Packer deactivated incl physics (Phys effect only at MR.)
  • Dynamic inserting troop for troop and not all at the same time
  • Rusty Schaare on long runs or rain, polish themselves at work
  • Installed field detection limits when activated no Grass deleted at the field edge


  • You can only disconnect the 4 Schaar plow, if you have turned the team right.
  • Packers only work up to 80% working width, then let the Packer positions on the field because they do not provide the full working width.
  • Ideal for speed and expose 6 km/h.

Authors: LS13 Bullgore, Biedens, Upsidedown.

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Farming mods

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