Kujawska poland map v1.1

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What you find in this map?

  • One huge economy,
  • 2 barns (Making nursing work),
  • Biogas Plant,
  • Sawmill,
  • Purchase of cereals,
  • Potatoes beet Purchase,
  • The sale of milk (need barrel),
  • Shop machinery,
  • Resp machines on the economy,
  • Purchased fields,
  • Instructional icons where what and how,
  • Mod manure and manure,
  • Mod chaff,
  • Cows chickens,
  • 2 Villages,
  • Sales of eggs in the village,
  • Changed the texture of the substrate and crops,
  • Purchased lime or filled directly from the hall,
  • Doors open at “O” is not a zero,
  • Nicely shaped terrain,
  • Minimap, operating as icons on the map,
  • Pedestrian Movement,
  • The surface of all the fields and meadows is 224 hectares,
  • Improved any inaccuracies and errors in the map,
  • Added the movement of cars,
  • Buying seedlings,
  • Added a Mod water Watering Cows and chickens with the possibility of giving wheat,
  • New nicer buildings on the farm,
  • Purchased Lime,
  • The error that knicking some of the game was due to badly painted plane for cows,
  • Added another lake,
  • Unnecessary things on the farm replaced by more practical.


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