Kroger HKD 402 agroliner v6.0

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Here is Agroliner Kroger HKD 402 v6.0. The model is complete. Newly built and has nothing to do with all the other models. Tried as much detail as possible but had to miss him a lot because he renounce and already has a lot of polys. The side panels including front sight and interlocks of single board walls are animated. It works fine with “ToggleTipSide” and “alternativetipping” together.

The trailer was launched in multiplayer were examined in detail and left a clean log.
It has now a payload of 18t and you can load it with the following fill types:
Grass_windrow, wheat, rape, maize, barley, chaff, potato, sugarbeet, manure, fertilizer, forage, seeds, silage.

Modell/Textur/ingame: Lindemann

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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