Kremper Map V6.0

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It can now also be degraded oats and Sonnenblummen, which you can of course store on the farm between. There are now also several halls on the map in the I have installed the parking trigger. These halls are marked with parking signs! There is also a parking trigger on the dung plate been added, so you, you can leave there your wheel loader , which you need for mucking out. This map is also built this again abfahrhelferfreundlich. This means that the skier can not go into the water, nor to any objects eg Can fences, rocks, trees, power poles, signs… stuck!

Careful though, in both ponds you can go into the water! All fruits can be sown with the Standartsämaschinen! Water for the WaterMod You can now get two spots in the map also free. Find out times where that is! The Custom Info trigger help you find your way around the map! You need to play the map, the FarmingSimulator2013ClassicsPack that you can invite her here:

You also need to load the Map Door Trigger Ihe here can.

Map Door Trigger V4.0 FS2013

So the lights go your needs yet this mod:

First of all I want to thank the Maschinenring NRW that I was allowed to obstruct the BGA on my map Visit Just take:ücke by Ekkehard sugar beet factory TropyKuhstall is from Belgique Profonde Map 2 ausm Mod Contest lights of Bluebaby210 construction accessories of freak36558 And a big thank you to all that I have now forgotten!

I thank very for Pele23 who has helped me the last error from my map to eliminate. I also like to thank the tuner has helped me with many a change of an object. And also like to thank DeerePower who helped me with advice and assistance.

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  1. rod jones

    have your map—don’t understand why I owe bank 100,000 and I have no all. no way to get started. too bad cause it looks like a good map.

  2. NIk

    As in the first two versions of the day Grove sprouted grass on the farm in the fields of road is very bad! A very good map! Ispravte mistake!
    (translated from Russian by Google)

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