Kreis Unna Reloaded

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Welcome to the district of Unna in 2015 Reloaded.
Required mods: ExtraModPackUnna2015v3.1

What has changed?
Behind the courtyard, two halls and shelters were built. For the subsequent field has become smaller
At McDonald’s, the meadow was scaled down and prepared a place for placeable mods, such as the placeable wash
The quantities of many camps were increasing.
Prices have been adjusted upwards
Income levels were slightly revised upwards
Both manure stains in field 2 were removed
In box 27 the hole was patched.
The fountain at the house was moved. There you can also soak up water.
The two ladies at the house were removed along with their bank. I went all the cigarette butts on the floor against the grain.
Dunghill at the cattle, pig and chicken fattening have been corrected and can now be completely emptied.
Conveyor dunghill at the pig was removed
At the bakery barley was replaced by rye. Makes more sense and so the Rye also has a broader sense
On grinding barley was also replaced by rye.
At the carpentry, the triggers have been moved. Now to get even over a trailer.
Loss on diesel sale has been fixed
The cows no longer run through the tank barrel, but can now also by the stable lane. The cows no longer run in the Tortrigger.
Many beauty repairs
When the chickens installed the egg tray.
On a feed storage tank nozzle attached. There is water for hard currency.
Seedmaster now has a higher capacity of 16000 liters
The fuel tank on the farm can now accommodate 300,000 liters
The fence on the cow pasture has also been patched up since the cows are always cut down through the opening in the fence. The capture was far too exhausting and the consumption of coal and other feed just too high.
In the broiler silage was the feeding troughs added because there were questions over and over again. In PDA is silage, so we can feed silage.
When the oil pump capacity has been increased to 3 million liters and it now supports 125 liters a minute. Now you need not go any more oil every day.

There is also a new site and forum to map for more info and support on:
There I will gladly answer your questions about the card and the ExtraModPack.

I’m the Map Support continues and to the extent possible develop even further. More fruit, it will probably not give except Giants finally decides to pick up the idiotic restrictions on the types and fruit filltypes.
Sorry Giants, but we do not have more computers from the 90s, today’s computers are able to process more thoroughly. My box is also older and has only 4GB with a GTX660 and I play at the highest level of detail.

However, have a built SSD which makes plenty of power. In modfolder are 120 mods and all loads together in less than 2.5 minutes almost no stuttering in the game. Since it should sometimes more fruit types and filltypes to allow its still possible.
Is a map update available from an existing Score?
Yes. The easiest way is to harvest all fields and neither new nor sow to fertilize. Then save and exit the game. From the corresponding savegame folder once a backup. Then you can from the appropriate folder to delete all files with the extension .grle. Restart the card and everything should be fine. The previously deleted .grle files are automatically regenerated.

marhu, upsidedown, mor2000, Jakob Tischler

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Farming mods

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