Kraz 6316

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The mod adds KrAZ-6316 for Farming Simulator 2015 – a four-drive tractor with all eight wheels. Its maximum speed – 90 kilometers per hour. Tractor leaves traces and raises dust operate beacons and lights on the roof. He will get dirty wheels. In the cockpit instruments and mirror work. Use the numeric keypad, you can open the door to the cockpit. It can be switched on the radio: the choice of only two songs. Together with the towing vehicle to the shop will be added to the body, which can be installed on the tractor. Body Capacity – 60,000 liters. It is possible to ship all standard culture + gravel, sand, sunflower and others. N on it is possible to install an awning. Spoiled entirely.


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  1. Darkarrow

    nice mod can you make a tatra 813 8×8 mod whit a tráiler atachment it and to be able to transport Wood .

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