Krampe acrylic BBS900 v1 FS15

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This is my second mod and this falls under the “fun-mod” category. For people who want more realistic, this is the wrong Mod.

What I’ve concocted here: I have taken the standard tipper KrampeBBS900 and optically somewhat exaggerated and freed the complete dump of dump-truck of metal and replaced by acrylic glass.
Furthermore, I have the cargo volume increased to 60001 liters and you can choose the color when you buy.

Sale price: 40000 Euros
Daily cost: 40 Euros
Loading capacity: 60001 liters
filled with barley chaff barley_windrow dryGrass_windrow grass maize manure potato rape silage Sugarbeet wheat wheat_windrow woodchips

Have fun ….. I hope to feedback even if it is just a “fun-mod”
This is the fruit of my mod and must not werden.Danke uploaded anywhere else without my permission.

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Farming mods

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Author: by Sparkie

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