Knuston Farm

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Knuston farm is a map more or less based on real life, its an area of chosen land from right out of my back door and some where I know like the back of my hand. The main farm in real life is actually called Knuston High Farm and are an old farming business that has been going for a long long time, there business is pretty much arable farming and even though have there own land they also do a lot of contracting around large parts of Northamptonshire. I have kept the map layout as real as possible with all fields being in the correct position by making a map tattoo from a scale 2km by 2km print screen of that area, I have also used a modified version of the DEM for this map. Keeping with real life the map is mostly geared up for arable farming which is obvious from the layout though there is some grass to be cut as well. After starting various other map projects and failing to complete them for various reasons I decided to ask myself questions over map making, I worked out what I wanted in a map and for what the map would be used for. I did not buy a forestry game so I have not added anything for forestry, I don’t use the BGA features so I have not added them. This map and as always has been aimed at creating luscious scenery full of greenery just like in life, so the use of trees, bushes and hedges is very high and in fact there is near on or about 4500 trees in this map, so please understand that a decent computer medium to high spec will be needed to play on higher settings.

Required mods: Chopped straw mod, Animation map trigger, Marshall pack.


  • Multi terrain and hire mod tutorial implemented
  • Few natural sounds added
  • All foliage is altered in shape and size as well as textures changed
  • Cows, sheep and chickens implemented
  • Chopped straw mod added, original swathes have also been altered to look more tidy and fuller
  • Yard cluttered with tools, objects and decals
  • All gates open and shut manually
  • 100 gold coins to collect
  • Buyable fields with custom buy signs

Areas of interest
Main Farm
Your main farm for all your arable needs, plenty of sheds to store all your equipment and keep the locked away via sliding doors. Area to store/sell your bales, Dump your grain quickly or tip your load in the appropriate sheds.

Your career start location, a large old cottage style house at the centre of the map. This house features a garage and a large rear garden with plenty of outdoor toys.

You have three locations for animals, all quite close to your main home. A large chicken coop, Sheep can be looked after for the gain of wool, Cows can be milked and looked after to achieve animal bi products to use on your fields.

Market place
This area includes the sell place for all fruits/products of the map, its also the place to buy your new equipment.

NI modding, Webalizer, VertexDezign, sandgroper, Johan12, Dennis Busch, Spider100

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Farming mods

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  1. lans

    Superb map! Very “British”, and good decisions on the BGA and Forestry 😉

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