Kirschhausen agriculture in the hills v0.3 beta

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Here now the Beta 0.3 Kirschhausen Map.

This version again a milestone of our project there, because we have one hand implemented many user requests, and have fixed many annoying bugs.
Since the first beta a lot has changed, now the complete stockyard was moved to another location, for example, and it started with a new Mapteil. There is also now available for all the operating and forestry to provide the possibility of chips at CHP. Furthermore, many small fixes have been installed, which have been requested by you. In addition, we are working with you every really final Mapversion deliver new textures or models, stay tuned ….! :)

Should you find bugs, then please report on our Facebook Page
We are as far as the testing, rely on you, as I said, you should find something then report it directly.
Have also please bear that in a map in the beta status up everything is still not perfect and can still bugs occur.

kirschhausen-agriculture-in-the-hills-v0-3-beta_8 kirschhausen-agriculture-in-the-hills-v0-3-beta_7 kirschhausen-agriculture-in-the-hills-v0-3-beta_6 kirschhausen-agriculture-in-the-hills-v0-3-beta_5 kirschhausen-agriculture-in-the-hills-v0-3-beta_4 kirschhausen-agriculture-in-the-hills-v0-3-beta_3 kirschhausen-agriculture-in-the-hills-v0-3-beta_2 kirschhausen-agriculture-in-the-hills-v0-3-beta_1

Authors:Mapper: Doppi,fendt44
Objekte: Buschi,Katsuo,Steffen30Muc,xXMalleXx,Macoholic,iMarwin,Fatian,Börndi,Despo,Cebuljcek….

-Wer sich hier nicht wiederfindet, und hier her gehört wird natürlich nachträglich honoriert

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Farming mods

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