Killean Map

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Killean or Killeen (from Irish: Cillín) is a small village and townland in the civil parish of Killeavy, County Armagh, Northern Ireland. It lies about four miles (6.5 km) south of Newry, near the border of the Republic of Ireland.

This map is a complete 1:1 scale and replica of the area. My own home farm is in this map. The small river which borders a few of the fields is in fact, the river that separates the North of Ireland to the Republic of Ireland.

This is a quite small map, all grass fields. However, you will start off with basic cultivation equipment and a combine, so you may start to plough up some fields to produce grain to sell. There are three/four farms on the map, one main dairy farm, and two other small farms. There is no forest, but there is a log sell point for you to sell all the branches that need cut.

SteveC, NI Modding, Petorious, Sotillo, sandgroper, LordWilliams

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  1. Paul Kelley

    Was this map designed from around Killean Texas? I spent 6 years in Killean. reply via my email. THX!!

    1. Sergio_LS

      No, Killeen, Ireland.

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