Kernstadt multifruit v2.5

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Core city V2.0

Since in the region of the core city , the economy is great, the EU has given you millions in funding. This enabled the court to be completely modernized. Furthermore, two new villages were created. Bachfeld and Tannenhausen. In the latter there is still a small courtyard.

  • Some of the fields are planted and ready for harvest.
  • Standard, spelled, oats, rye, millet, sunflower, onions and carrots are installed.
  • Pig, cattle fattening, Wassermod, Woolpalettecollector.
  • 3 New outlets: Industrial complex, horse farm, slaughterhouse.
  • New Bga with a capacity of each 480000l per silo.

Patch 2.0 Ready.

Required Mods:

  • MapDoorTrigger

Recommended Mods:

  • Course Play
  • Pda fix v2.5.2
  • Vehicle Pack

Questions and answers:

Why so many trees installed?

  • I find the nature in LS13 is one of them, have already removed the coli so that it does not remain hanging.

Why not a train track?

  • A normal train in LS 13 is a rigid object when it moves to ne curve he turns aufen center. Dauf are curves on the core city but no use to me this kind of train nix.Bin at it because to do so he wagon train Mobile for wagon in the curve moves.

My FPS are far down?

  • Which was my tester and I did not notice I build and test the map on lepi, as they are approximately at 22-28. I’ve always wondered also when beta tests like the performence is, it was all IO. For the Map you need so ne good graphics card.

Is off the wither?

  • Yes as well as in other versions or the original urban core of BigDaddy.

Why are not pigs when I travel lining, as in because old version?

  • These are new mast systems, you have to buy before the animals.


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Farming mods

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1 comment

  1. Ray000

    After hours playing Kernstadt multifruit v2.5 map, I have found two major issues.

    1) I have planted and harvested three crops in field 29 without any problems. I recently planted Dinkel (spelt). It is now ready for harvest. The problem is, I have tried three combines and five cutters all say they can harvest Dinkel. All have failed. I cannot find any mod that will harvest this crop. Could be a problem with the map itself. Could you recommend a solution?

    2) Slurry pit does not function.

    very disappointing.

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