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In this map, I have everything on the main courtyard. The farm has storage facilities for Maschienen. This is Aben when it is dark can see what were lamps on the yard installed. The feed store was built across from the cowshed. The barn was equipped with Tortrigger. All in all a great deal on a small area.


  • Moved all animal pastures to the main courtyard
  • Old farm buildings demolished and new ones
  • Kuhstalltore provided with trigger
  • Offset Haupthofsilo
  • Kuhsilo offset
  • Established feed store
  • Potato and beet stock from scratch
  • Created storage facilities for machinery and equipment
  • Hofumgebungsfelder edited slightly
  • Edited paths


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Farming mods

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  1. Louis

    When I try to unload Straw in the storage shed where I can place grass, silage and other items I am allowed to unload but it the straw is not stacked. It disappears and is lost to me. When I unloaded grass it piled up as it should.

    I am also able to drive through the buildings where I am to store my vehicles. At one point my harvester went down a hill and I could not do a thing but recall to the farm.

    Which brought up another issue. The default location where the vehicles and implements return to is located behind one of the parking area’s for the Vehicles (which you can currently drive though the wall) rather then an area that is easy to find.

    I love the layout and hope that you can fix the issues, even though I do not read Dutch I am fine with the signs being in Dutch. I would just like to be able to dump my straw and be able to get to it again and not be able to back my vehicles down a hill because the wall behind it is not recognized as a wall by the game. And when I have to reset something to the farm it would be nice to find it and get it without needing to drive through a wall to get to it.

    I am hoping this information is helping to improve this wonderful work you have already done,


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