John Deere 9770STS combine pack v3.0

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John Deere 9770STS Combine Pack V3.0
I hadn’t planned on updating this pack this soon but someone on YouTube done a review on V1.0 (my first attempt) and basically trashed this mod over a few minor problems which were being addressed or already fixed and made little to no mention of the additional crops or the effort that goes into matching ever thing up which really ticked me off. :(

Here’s V3.0 for all the haters:

  • Fixed Dual Tire version’s center of mass issue which caused it to not steer well at high rates of speed!
  • I scaled the combine’s pipe out farther so if you want to pace along side the combine you no longer clip through the 650FD header.
  • I re-named the 24 Row Corn Header XML & I3D files because it bothered some people that it had “NewHolland” in the name!
  • I made it so the ladder on the Dual Tire version is now animated just like the Single Tire version.

I would like the fix the clipping issues with the combines themselves (doesn’t bother me though because I’m using them to harvest and not trying to walk through them like some people) but I’m not even sure how to go about that.

I hope this pleases everyone now… that I’m sure it won’t but what the hell… it’s all I can do! If you think you can do better… by all means do so and save me the trouble! I’m just a tinkerer so my skills are limited but I didn’t see anyone else putting forth the effort with these combines for multi-fruit maps so I made the mistake of trying I guess. Personally, I think these combines have come along quite nicely considering there original states.

ATM Modding, RaFaZR, T0bi69, FORMULA_1, RealDairyFarmer

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  1. jon

    Aint no combine with it just a corn head do not download if ur lookin for a combine

  2. greenbeans

    yes it has header stupid! dont believe j
    on up there

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