John Deere 9770 STS combine pack multifruit

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Pack contains two combines:

  • John Deere 9770STS – Single Tires (added Real Exhaust/Fixed Attacher Joint).
  • John Deere 9770STS – Dual Tires (added Dynamic & Real Exhaust).

Combines harvest standard crops: wheat, barley, canola, corn.
Additional crops include: soybean, sorghum/millet, sunflower, oat, rye, greenwheat, triticale.

Additional crops have matching grain planes, threshing particles, pipe, etc.

Pack also contains:

  • John Deere 24 Row Corn Head [sunflower corn].
  • John Deere 650FD Head [wheat barley canola soybean sorghum millet sunflower oat rye greenwheat triticale].

These heads are fairly large and meant for maps with large fields or some creative driving on smaller maps.

Take credit by all means… I don’t own these mods… just altered them for MultiFruit play and corrected some minor script problems.

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Farming mods

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