John Deere 9630

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John Deere 9630

Here’s the revised John Deere 9630 Pack of “speedy77”
In the pack there are four models that differ only by the different tires. (See pictures)

The “l10n” entries where kammen until the final patch into existence have been fixed, as well as other scripts were installed.

All functions such as ESLimiter, hour meter, etc. are removed, there’s this all as “Global Scripts”.


  • Reversing camera (Del.)
  • Switchable front weight (key 6)
  • Switchable wheel weights (key 5) only in versions with twin tires
  • fold-marker lights (key 9)
  • Fan in the interior (key NUM 9)
  • Drivingparticlesystem
  • RealExhaustParticleSystemV3
  • bunkerSiloCompacter
  • Light, rear work light, brake light (standard)
  • Indicators, hazard lights (bracketing 3.1)
  • Drilling tires can be activated (key M) only in versions with twin tires
  • animated rear hydraulics
  • Articulated steering
  • Lateral leveling on uneven surfaces installed (see pictures)
  • powerShaftattacher (it can use the previous PTO, as well as the original PTO will attachert)
  • Indoor Sound
  • Digital Speedometer & RPM Display

Tested with the latest patch and the mods are LOG FREE!

The release of “speedy77” have been obtained in advance, for the other members release I would like to thank here again!!!

Original website:–11

Model: balogh2003
Ingame: r0y4ax
rebuilding / reconstruction: speedy77
Edit: RedFox Modding Crew front weight and operator: Timber131 Scripts: Giants, SFM, Sven777b, gotchTOM, model eicher

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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