John Deere 7930 pack

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This is the 7930 edit done by SndGrdn. There’s 2 versions. One has all the original functions and the other was the way i used it. Everything works on both models error free with a little bit of load time for the frontloader version. Removed frontloader, front3pnt, doors and windows on the other model but left attacher joint so can still put front attachments on. Both have several wheel configurations to list.


  • PloughingSpec,
  • ESLimiter,
  • ShowHelp,
  • Beleuchtung31,
  • FrontFenders,
  • Fenster,
  • SwitchingNWheelModes,
  • PowerShaftAttacher,
  • ParticleSystem,
  • Washable,
  • Moveable Attacher,
  • Wheelextra,
  • DrivingParticleSystem,
  • LowFuelIndicator,
  • Selectable,
  • ManualIgnition,
  • BunkerSiloCompacter,
  • Motorized,
  • Steerable,
  • Hirable,
  • AiTractor,
  • Dynamic Exhaust(JD7930v1 only),
  • Indoor sound(JD7930v1 only),
  • Passenger camera.


  • Press KP: KP 0 for info
  • ESLimiter: pg up/pg dn
  • Frontworklights: KP5
  • Rearworklights: KP6
  • Frontweight: 6
  • Fronthydraulics: 7
  • Warningsign: 8
  • Frontfenders: KP4
  • Wheelmodes: 9
  • Attacherup/dwn: Z/X
  • Frontloader: L
  • Ignition: KP enter
  • Doors/window: KP7/KP8

The show help menu has all the instuctions for what keys to press. The zip folder JD7930FL has all the original functions. The zip folder JD7930v1 stripped down a bit.

7930 edit by SndGrdn/stefan
Original: ls 09 works/stefan??
2013 convert: skoomalegend

Scripts by:
sven777b, webby, Manuel Leithner, SndGrdn, Templaer, Skullman
Mofa-Killer, Schnulla-817, burner, ls-for-ever, Tobias F.(John Deere 7930)

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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