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Hello dear friends of Agriculture,
There is another small “goodies” to the uploading. I’m not a professional in terms of modding and therefore you shall not expect too much. But as was the case of my map in the LS13 and the John Deere 7930, I hope a few to make you happy.
This time you can expect a John Deere 7530 Premium.
At the very beginning has to be said about it, this is the original base model of the tractor from FBM Modding namely in those Version 1 I think. So I would have unbeingt mentioned here KUBO!
A front loader is included in the package!
Technical specifications:
Price: 139,000
Daily Upkeep: 175
Power: 213 PS
Weight: about 8 tons
Tank: 381 liters

Functions / features:
– Fully Washable
– Frontladerkonsole (via IC hidden)
– Additional lights on the front loader Protection
– Doors (door from the outside), windows open (IC)
– Switchable Terminals (purely visual) (IC)
– Seed tubes to grow (they are still static, if anyone knows how to get them flexible, like message to me (IC)
– Front linkage to fold (IC)
– Warning signs with lighting to grow (IC)
– Marker lights on the rear fenders
– Tire tracks
– Realistic lighting (casts shadows)
– Interior lighting with dipped headlights or not connected
– Control Panel Attacher
– Preparation for animated hydraulic hoses (manual Attacher)
– Exciting sound
– Indoor sound, depending on opened doors / windows

I think that’s quite a bit of Funtkionen. I tried to tug rebuild as detailed as possible, as it has a contractor in the area.

KEEP THE orignial LINK !!! – The mod may be published on other sites as long as is used ONLY the ORIGINAL LINK! – The mod may be published on other sites as long as ONLY the ORIGINAL LINK will be used! – Le mod peut être publié sur d’autres sites aussi longtemps que le lien original sera utilisé! – O mod pode ser publicado em outros sites, desde que o link original será usado! – Mod moga byc publikowane na innych stronach tak d?ugo, jak oryginalny link bedzie u?ywany! – A mod tehetok közzé más oldalakon, AMIG az eredeti link fogja használni!
It is not permitted without my agreement to make a change to this mod and upload it again. Not even under a different name, or otherwise. It is not allowed to change anything at this Mod to upload it again, without my permission. Not even under a different name!

Now I wish you but a lot of fun with the mod. For mistake on my part and useful reviews I’m open. I want to offend anybody or anything else, please contact me. If I have forgotten somebody in my credit, he should not hesitate to contact me! I want to leave you only share my mods.
MfG Nefarius

PS: check it on my Facebook page purely to “up to date” to stay;)

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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Author:  Modell: Sotillo Modding Industries; Kubo; FBM Modding; Nefarius Textur: Sotillo Modding Industries; Kubo; FBM Modding; Nefarius Script: unbekannte; Modeleicher; BM-Modding; Nefarius Idee / Konzept: Nefarius Tester: Friedli88, Nefarius Reifen: Bauer Hinnmark Sonstige: Sounds unbekannt?!

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