John Deere 7290R (America version)

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This model “JD 7290R – American version” has been built by AGO for absolute detail and function freaks.

  • With a Face Lift the hood of a new engine, tires, Coman intestine and ComandCenter, as well as new features such as the opening and closing of the car door from the “outside”. In addition, he has received from me (Knechti) a new revised sound set.
  • The functionality is still increased somewhat as in the previous models, the 7R series. What is to be controlled from the cab and outside the tractor, you show a video of us and saves here the long list of features!
  • Ago has made this mod visually and functionally brought out what was possible without loss on the game performance. So this tractor should provide both in-and outdoor enthusiasts happy…

Ago-Systemtech (Model, ingame, Script)
meyer123 (Testteam)
fin050808 (Testteam)
Knechti (Soundwork)

Manuel Leithner (SFM-Modding)
Modelleicher (
Tobias F.

Uploaded By :
Farming mods

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1 comment

  1. Jeff

    This is my favorite tractor like the way it looks so realistic when it gets dirty. only thing missing is dirty tires. all tractors should be like this one. perfect tractor for the dirty seeder.

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